Web Portal

What is it?

A web portal is a more complex website which refers to other websites besides its own basic content, or integrates different functionalities. It has a character of community and through various applications and internal systems it affords opportunity of interactive communication among people with common interests or activities (e.g., an informative city portal, a company portal, a portal of an activity of interest).

Why do I need it?

Would you like to establish a place where people can meet, share experiences and practical suggestions, give advice, and work on projects together? If what you want to create is a website serving people who will participate in forming its content and you intend only to coordinate their activity, this is the right solution for you.

Why Epix Technology?

We have created several portals which are now connecting many people. Share your visions and ideas with us and we will develop a solution catering to all your needs.

Each portal unattended by people is empty and, therefore, aimless. We will guide you from the beginning. Providing you the appropriate marketing tools your project's successful take-off is guaranteed.

Vytvorili sme niekoľko portálov, ktoré teraz spájajú mnohých ľudí. Stačí, ak nám poviete o svojej predstave a my vám vypracujeme komplexné riešenie internetového portálu so všetkým, čo by mal obsahovať.

Každý portál, na ktorom sa ľudia nestretávajú, je prázdny a neplní svoj cieľ. Pomôžeme vám preto na začiatok s rozbehnutím tejto aktivity a ponúkneme vám vhodné marketingové nástroje pre úspešný štart vášho portálu.