What is it?

Thanks to web-hosting (or „hosting”, in short) your website, e-shop, or portal will be accessible on the Internet. Web projects, like this one, can be run on special computers (servers). They provide constant access to these projects and their functions on the Internet.

Why do I need it?

There is no possibility of a website functioning without web-hosting. But you can choose who will take care of it- another company, or us as a part of our collaboration on your website.

Why Epix Technology?

We have our own servers available, where we run and maintain web projects of our clients. Since we would like your websites to be as fast and as accessible as possible, our servers are provided with the most powerful hardware and anti-virus protection of the best quality. Furthermore, you share place only with maximum of 150 other projects, while other companies manage thousands of web projects through one server. In case of VIP (Very Important Pages), you share a server with only 10 other projects.