Web Audit

What is it?

A web audit is a detailed analysis of your current website. It uncovers various hidden faults, reports them, and suggests a way of repairing them.

1. Validity of a website– i.e., the way a website is programmed– quality of code can affect the ranking of a website in search engines, which is one of the most important factors today. Any website should meet the standards of the W3C consortium and should be programmed according to generally agreed rules.

2. Search engine compatibility– a website should be displayed as properly and as accurately as possible across all browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera). There might be some minor deviations, but fundamental differences in displaying important elements are considered a failure.

3. SEO optimization – affects the rank of a website in a search engine (e.g., Google). Detection and elimination of defects in this area can help to bring a new influx of customers to your web.

4. Grammatical errors and mistakes –the use of language on a website reflects quality and professionalism. Lack of accuracy can have a detrimental effect on your business. We ensure the highest standards possible.

5. Non-functional (dead) links – are common for websites containing references to other online resources which have been removed or redirected. They may also occur within a web system as a result of change in link structure or an update of information. Analysis of dead links is a routine process; their presence on a website is time-consuming for visitors and may result in a loss of interest, which in turn leads to a loss of custom.

Why do I need it?

If your website appears to be lacking somewhat, is out-dated or simply is not functioning as it should be and you need assistance in resolving these issues, it is time for a web audit.

Why Epix Technology?

In carrying out a web audit we focus on the most important key areas, and after having finished the analysis we then write a report with our suggested solutions to any problems which may have been evident. The appropriate course of action is then taken.