A standard website contains a text and multimedia elements (images, videos, and sounds) interconnected by hypertext references (links). Every website has its own header with a name and a logo, menu with sub-sites, browser and content structured according to the extent of the site. If needed, there can be other functionalities added, as for example various widgets and interactive elements.

The main purpose of a website is to inform customers about products, activities, and achievements of a certain company. Its structure is simple and logical in order to maintain clarity which makes all the important information accessible to customers within several clicks.

A standard website is a primary way of presenting information online. This not only aids companies in their early stages, but is also an invaluable tool for long-established enterprises who wish to advertise their products and services on the Internet. It offers a broad range of possibilities to connect design and content so that the merits of your business activities would be highlighted and your customers would build confidence in your company. The website can progressively be amended by adding new content and functions with regard to specific needs.

Whilst an offer of a friend or family member to create a website may sound appealing, it is important to remember that initial monetary investment is necessary in all businesses. Though many are capable of producing websites, a high-class fully-functional web presentation of your company always ready for further improvements can be created only by professionals.

At Epix Technology we have already successfully completed approximately 300 projects. Our dedicated team of eight take a conscientious approach to each project, ensuring unique design and high standards of  programming. With an average of 40 hours spent on each project, the outcome is a website of substantially higher quality than that of a readjusted template.

An E-shop is an online store where companies sell their products and services to customers regardless the place of purchase. It works as an interactive catalogue - separate items can be added to an electronic shopping cart and after having been paid for, they are sent to the address specified by the customer. This system works similarly in the case of providing services.

Plenty of entrepreneurs don’t find the circumstances of modern times convenient, as they require wide use of the Internet and service of online purchases as a matter of course. Normally, e-shops are considered destroyers of traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores, i.e., places, where goods can be examined and tested directly by customers.

In fact, an e-shop contributes a great deal to your business. The whole range of products is constantly available for customers to view or to buy, which means that a customer can buy even an item which you currently don’t have in stock. Interactivity and interconnectivity facilitate cross-selling, which is encouraging a customer to consider buying a related product or complementary service; this means, simply, drawing a customer’s attention in order to sell as much as possible.

Availability 24/7 enables an e-shop to sell goods even while you’re enjoying your time off and your offers can be made available to many more customers beyond your region.

Our experience together with our clients’ references provide evidence that if an e-shop is created by professionals and if it is continually developed and well-maintained, online sales are 10 times higher than sales from a retail store.

By means of various modern techniques and SEO tools we can optimize your e-shop; your products, then, can be easily seen in search engines- the most common route to e-shop websites.

Moreover, there are bonus tools at your disposal, which can help you establish a loyal group of clients. These activities include running loyalty programs, or asking customers for feedback when buying, and many others.

A web portal is a more complex website which refers to other websites besides its own basic content, or integrates different functionalities. It has a character of community and through various applications and internal systems it affords opportunity of interactive communication among people with common interests or activities (e.g., an informative city portal, a company portal, a portal of an activity of interest).

Would you like to establish a place where people can meet, share experiences and practical suggestions, give advice, and work on projects together? If what you want to create is a website serving people who will participate in forming its content and you intend only to coordinate their activity, this is the right solution for you.

We have created several portals which are now connecting many people. Share your visions and ideas with us and we will develop a solution catering to all your needs.

Each portal unattended by people is empty and, therefore, aimless. We will guide you from the beginning. Providing you the appropriate marketing tools your project's successful take-off is guaranteed.

Vytvorili sme niekoľko portálov, ktoré teraz spájajú mnohých ľudí. Stačí, ak nám poviete o svojej predstave a my vám vypracujeme komplexné riešenie internetového portálu so všetkým, čo by mal obsahovať.

Každý portál, na ktorom sa ľudia nestretávajú, je prázdny a neplní svoj cieľ. Pomôžeme vám preto na začiatok s rozbehnutím tejto aktivity a ponúkneme vám vhodné marketingové nástroje pre úspešný štart vášho portálu.

A web audit is a detailed analysis of your current website. It uncovers various hidden faults, reports them, and suggests a way of repairing them.

1. Validity of a website– i.e., the way a website is programmed– quality of code can affect the ranking of a website in search engines, which is one of the most important factors today. Any website should meet the standards of the W3C consortium and should be programmed according to generally agreed rules.

2. Search engine compatibility– a website should be displayed as properly and as accurately as possible across all browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera). There might be some minor deviations, but fundamental differences in displaying important elements are considered a failure.

3. SEO optimization – affects the rank of a website in a search engine (e.g., Google). Detection and elimination of defects in this area can help to bring a new influx of customers to your web.

4. Grammatical errors and mistakes –the use of language on a website reflects quality and professionalism. Lack of accuracy can have a detrimental effect on your business. We ensure the highest standards possible.

5. Non-functional (dead) links – are common for websites containing references to other online resources which have been removed or redirected. They may also occur within a web system as a result of change in link structure or an update of information. Analysis of dead links is a routine process; their presence on a website is time-consuming for visitors and may result in a loss of interest, which in turn leads to a loss of custom.

If your website appears to be lacking somewhat, is out-dated or simply is not functioning as it should be and you need assistance in resolving these issues, it is time for a web audit.

In carrying out a web audit we focus on the most important key areas, and after having finished the analysis we then write a report with our suggested solutions to any problems which may have been evident. The appropriate course of action is then taken.

A domain is a name under which your website is accessible on the Internet. It consists of the name of your company, project, or community and a website ending. The ending can be chosen according to the state in which you operate (e.g., .sk for Slovakia, .hu for Hungary), but international endings are also available (e.g., .com,  .org, .net, .info, or .eu for Europe).

A domain name is one of the key elements of company’s identity. It belongs to the things your customers will remember and associate with your products and services. Properly chosen, a domain is your online representation and with primarily online projects it becomes your brand name.

Domain registration is a legal act. You can leave it to us; we will be happy to unburden you.  Since it is (along with web-hosting) the first step to your new website, e-shop, or portal, we will gladly take care of it to ensure your maximum comfort. We will prepare the documents and send them to SK-NIC, who are in charge of  the national registry in Slovakia.

A name of a domain should be apt and should express your web in its basics. It should also be memorable and well-readable for browsers. If you are unsure about the choice of a name for your domain, we will be happy to help.

Thanks to web-hosting (or „hosting”, in short) your website, e-shop, or portal will be accessible on the Internet. Web projects, like this one, can be run on special computers (servers). They provide constant access to these projects and their functions on the Internet.

There is no possibility of a website functioning without web-hosting. But you can choose who will take care of it- another company, or us as a part of our collaboration on your website.

We have our own servers available, where we run and maintain web projects of our clients. Since we would like your websites to be as fast and as accessible as possible, our servers are provided with the most powerful hardware and anti-virus protection of the best quality. Furthermore, you share place only with maximum of 150 other projects, while other companies manage thousands of web projects through one server. In case of VIP (Very Important Pages), you share a server with only 10 other projects.

Web design refers to the aesthetics of your site, that is, the layout, the colour scheme, the images etc. This is where potential customers form their first impressions of your business. It is often within the first few seconds that a visitor decides whether to continue or leave your site. Therefore web design plays a crucial part in your web-sites success.

Whether your business is successful and you’ve got plenty of customers, or you’re just trying to start a new project which you want to bring into the public eye, your website should represent you. When seeking more information about your company, the first thing a potential client will do is search the internet. Even if  the content of your site is sufficient for visitors to gain all the information they need, if  the design of the website is poor,  or is not easy to navigate, your website will act more as a deterrent rather than encouraging business.

A good web design should encompass all web functions. On the one hand, it should be creative and impressive, but on the other hand, it must be serious and emphasize the important issues.

Uniqueness and individuality are important sources for projecting web design for every company.  The design stems from your ideas which are creatively modified in accordance with the most fashionable trends.

If web designing is a part of the ordered company’s identity in its completeness, we work in such a way that the unified visual aspect is applicable to all other promotional material i.e.; business cards, letterheads, etc.

Re-design is a service for existing websites, especially if their visual appearance is outdated, or if they require complete re-development including creation of a new design.

Lots of companies, mainly those which are just starting out, opt for simple websites. As time goes by and the company grows, offering continually better and more up-to-date products and services, the simple website loses its appeal. Or, in other words, after some years it is not attractive any more.

The most convenient time for re-design is at the beginning of a new advertising campaign or at the launching of a business offer. The new design should be standardized with the other promotional materials.

Our priority is continual monitoring of trends in the field of web design and using them as a source for the re-designing of your web. We can either devise a new design based on your requirements, or our talented creative team can develop something completely new.

Web updating is to continually refresh your site with the latest relevant information. A regularly updated site is more likely to ensure that a visitor will have confidence in a company, whereas a less regularly updated site may carry with it negative connotations and may lead to a visitor getting a negative impression.

Essentials of web updating are:

  • addition  of new texts about the latest activities of your company on a regular basis
  • bringing new services or products to the attention of customers
  • extending the web via content, structures and functions
  • systematic, entire or partial re-designing of the web depending on current activities, campaigns, events, etc.
  • web audit 
  • optimization for browsers (SEO)

A constantly updated website is always attractive for a newcomer, but also for a returning visitor.  Together with a stylish web design it creates an ideal combination perfectly suitable for consistent and reliable online presentation.

Epix Technology can alleviate the pressure which would otherwise be placed upon another member of your firm on top of their regular responsibilities. Working with Epix Technology ensures that you have a specialist in this field who will have an insight into your business.

Your website will be in the hands of professionals who have several years of experience in the  creation and administration of websites.  Therefore their work is efficient and effective.

Interactive tools are a part of every professional website. Thanks to them, you can build up strong relationships with your customers.

Concerned are:

  • contact forms
  • online chat
  • newsletter
  • customer services

A perfectlooking and functioning website is, however, only a half success, because it means only one-way transmission (directed from you outwards) rather than mutual communication.  Besides informing customers of your activities, products, and services, it should also establish a partnership.  Interaction will strengthen your relationships and your customers will appreciate that they can address you anytime.

Based on your activity, we will assess the most suitable interactive tools for your web and ensure their implementation and functionality whilst we are providing our services.

Virtual tour is becoming an increasingly desired component of many websites. It is a means of allowing your customers into your company, restaurant, or store in a virtual way. Virtual tours consist of several panoramic images mutually linked through arrows, maps, and views, thus creating an impression of space through which you can take a virtual walk.

A picture paints a thousand words. This statement is true in the sense of virtual tours too.One virtual tour is more attractive than a hundred pictures. If your premises are something you are proud of and want to present to a wide range of customers, there is no better way to do it than with a virtual tour. Visitors will have a look at the inside of your hotel or restaurant with the feeling that they really are there. Of course, a logo, video presentation, or music can also be added.

Virtual tour is a great complement to your web. In general, visitors like this facility and it is becoming more and more popular also because its costs are low.

Creating a virtual tour is quite complicated, because, firstly, one needs to obtain quality panoramic images of particular premises. It is convenient to leave the whole process to us. We can take professional photographs and stitch them by using special software so that your tour would be the most realistic.

Virtual tours are managed in a format compatible with 99% of computers, so you do not have to be afraid that your virtual tour will be unavailable for some of your visitors. Furthermore, they are easily manageable and their appearance can be perfectly adjusted according to your requests.

Internet applications are websites of a special kind, which are programmed to fit a specific request of a client. They serve as close systems for a company that can use them to manage an online record of orders, to communicate with partners, to receive complaints, etc.

Every procedure in a company needs to be simplified after some time. This aspect touches especially on activities carried out daily, so they can be reduced to programmed application. The result is labor and time saving and the application can be accessible to every authorized employee.

It is convenient to let us look after your web and advertising environment completely. Just tell us about your problems in this area and we will propose a solution.

Internet applications don’t have to be only closed systems. Perhaps you have a great idea for an application which can be helpful for others as well. You can even make it a part of your business. Share your ideas with us and use our counseling services.

Corporate identity and branding

The concept of company identity covers everything what creates image of a company. This includes a name, a logo and a slogan, the company’s own stamps, letterheads, complete web presentation, and graphic and textual materials.

Must-haves are:

  • a logo and company colours
  • business cards, stamps, letterheads
  • a slogan (memorable for customers)
  • a website with complete and rich content and great design
  • unified design for advertising campaigns
  • promotional products of your company

Ability to provide services in a professional way or produce quality products does not ensure your success on the market. Similarly the word “marketing” does not magically draw customers solely to one particular company and ensure loyalty, although in many cases marketing techniques have been proven effective. Rather  the core is a well-established company identity which clearly describes the company; the aims, what they stand for and the standards they strive towards.

A highly elaborated company identity developed by us will be positively received in your environment. It will suggest why to buy from you or choose your services over rival services.

Meet with us to discuss your ideas and your business intent. Following the information provided by you, we can prepare quality materials suitable for your business take-off.

Full service in advertising can be defined as all the advertising services intended to promote your company, your products or services and draw the attention of as wide a range of people as possible addressing them as your current or future customers.

Concerned are:

  • printing of advertising materials, leaflets, posters, flyers, publications, catalogues
  • graphics for billboards
  • design of displays
  • advertising counseling

Surely, your company must have unique and exceptional features. Therefore you need to show these to the largest number of people and offer them your services. Nowadays, everyone is overwhelmed with the amount of advertising materials around us.

To be successful you need to know how to promote a specific product or when to release advertisement. For that reason it is recommended to hire one single company to take care of advertising services. This company should know your needs    fully and will look after your promotion entirely.

A broad portfolio of our services and long-lasting experience in the field of advertising and marketing will guarantee professional approach and quantifiable results of using our advertising full service.

Copywriting is a professional way of creating marketing texts . Each caption displayed on your website should be written in order to appeal effectively to customers and bring them to buy your products or order a service provided by you. It will persuade them to go for you.

Although people are spending more and more of their time online, competition in interesting contents is also growing.  Hence, everyone is trying to be “different”, more remarkable. Long and boring texts can be written by anyone. They do not get read and are of no importance. The real mastery is to manage to create a short, concise text.

It seems that a good text can be written by anyone. This is however, not the case. On the contrary, linguistic ability appears to be deteriorating. A graphic designer or a programmer for example has their own area of expertise, and this does not necessarily mean that they are good caption writers however skilled and experienced they may be in their particular field.

Notable and catchy lines must be excellently stylized and, of course, they cannot contain any grammatical errors or mistakes. Working on texts under these conditions is natural for us, because we collaborate with the greatest professionals in the field of copywriting. In addition, we do care about SEO, so the text is always interesting for all browsers. All in all, they keep bringing new customers to your web.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique, which helps your website to be more visible in search engines when certain key words are typed in.  For example, for a perfumery, it is very important that when key words like “perfumes”, “perfumes online”, or “perfumes for women” are used, their website will be ranked higher and thus draw the attention of new customers.

At a first glance it may appear a minor issue, but actually this activity must be supported by experience and good results in SEO services previously. Otherwise it is ineffective. If you have it done by professionals, they can work miracles. Your websites will appear higher in search results, which is a presupposition of increased traffic, i.e., increased number of buyers for your products and services.

At the beginning of SEO, we analyze your activity, offers of services or products, your plans, competition, and other aspects.  According to this analysis, the right SEO strategy and key words for the online search of your company are identified.

With the order of some of our products, you will get basic SEO for free. This includes website cataloging (link building), SEO URL addresses and mega tags. However, we would also recommend some of the more advanced SEO tools, which are always available with us.

Especially copywriting (texts which “sell”, together with web audit) and analysis of website traffic and appropriate key words both belong to the techniques above standard. It may be, that in case of strong competition it will not be your website which is in the first place in search engines. Paid marketing campaign is then needed to help.

Social media marketing is currently in its boom period. Simply handing out some posters and advertising in the papers, on the radio, or TV have become insufficient to promote your activities. In comparison, promotion through social networks is much more effective.

Social media makes the world go round. One only has to look at how many users are registered on Facebook. It is a place where the common virtual world of everyone is centered.  The concept of social networks is not exclusive to Facebook, but also includes Twitter, Youtube, and many other favorite web services. Their common feature, however, is that they are community based and provide communication of an unrivaled kind between business and its customers.

Allcontent shared on social networks creates a link leading to your website and another link indexed in search engines.  If only this point of view should be considered, the implementation of social networks we provide is still very important.

You’ll be using these precious tools at their most and to maximum avail, which, again, we will take care of. Hopefully, you’ll even enjoy them.

Advertising campaigns are a means of making your website (and therefore your business) visible and have been proven effective over the years.Nevertheless, it is important to know that not every form is suitable for each web project. Opting for the right choice depends on many factors. The variety ranges:

1. PPC advertising – the most effective paid campaigns. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. That means you don’t pay for displaying an ad, but for people clicking on it. This approach is very popular, because it’s hard to ensure a website’s visibility even in the most lucrative place. But a direct click on it means, that you’ve already attracted a potential visitor. After clicking, everything depends on your web presentation, which is, at that point, well-prepared. The advantage of PPC advertising is a possibility of focusing on specific time, specific region, even on a specific target group of visitors. With PPC campaigns, your links are listed in the first five positions in search engines or in advertising boxes on portals containing articles with the key word searched. The most famous providers of PPC ads in Slovakia are Google (with Google Adwords) and Etarget with the partners (,,,,,,, and others).

2. Direct mailing – means sending advertising offers directly to the inboxes of your customers. The advantage of direct mailing is targeting specific people in a common way done on a daily basis. Sent emails are rich in content and graphics to address most  recipients.  In the email you can refer directly to your web or your products and services.

3. Banners – creating them belongs to so called small graphic works, because the images used are small in size. They are located in lucrative places, mainly on portals with high traffic.

Why does a company need advertising? There are always untargeted markets and potential customers who have never heard of your company. With a properly chosen advertising tool, money invested into the campaign will come back manifold. Why not then, move forward in your business?

We will provide a counseling service regarding advertising campaign selection and arrangements. Based on analysis of your activities we will select the most effective tools and prepare them in terms of graphic and technical aspect. You will concentrate only on matters of your professional interest- your products and services.

Counseling in the area of online services means various consulting services related to projecting and developing your web presentation. However, it includes familiarization with complex possibilities of business activities on the Internet and explanation of all the necessary terminology and services.

There still are companies who have heard of the Internet, but they consider all the virtual activities an unavoidable evil. Having all the relations explained and all the benefits of the Internet use listed helps in many cases. And your company will move a step forward.

We will develop a detailed analysis and project of your business intent and its web presentation including services from company’s identity planning to marketing activities so that the chance to succeed would be the highest.