What is it?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique, which helps your website to be more visible in search engines when certain key words are typed in.  For example, for a perfumery, it is very important that when key words like “perfumes”, “perfumes online”, or “perfumes for women” are used, their website will be ranked higher and thus draw the attention of new customers.

Why do I need it?

At a first glance it may appear a minor issue, but actually this activity must be supported by experience and good results in SEO services previously. Otherwise it is ineffective. If you have it done by professionals, they can work miracles. Your websites will appear higher in search results, which is a presupposition of increased traffic, i.e., increased number of buyers for your products and services.

Why Epix Technology?

At the beginning of SEO, we analyze your activity, offers of services or products, your plans, competition, and other aspects.  According to this analysis, the right SEO strategy and key words for the online search of your company are identified.

With the order of some of our products, you will get basic SEO for free. This includes website cataloging (link building), SEO URL addresses and mega tags. However, we would also recommend some of the more advanced SEO tools, which are always available with us.

Especially copywriting (texts which “sell”, together with web audit) and analysis of website traffic and appropriate key words both belong to the techniques above standard. It may be, that in case of strong competition it will not be your website which is in the first place in search engines. Paid marketing campaign is then needed to help.