What is it?

Re-design is a service for existing websites, especially if their visual appearance is outdated, or if they require complete re-development including creation of a new design.

Why do I need it?

Lots of companies, mainly those which are just starting out, opt for simple websites. As time goes by and the company grows, offering continually better and more up-to-date products and services, the simple website loses its appeal. Or, in other words, after some years it is not attractive any more.

The most convenient time for re-design is at the beginning of a new advertising campaign or at the launching of a business offer. The new design should be standardized with the other promotional materials.

Why Epix Technology?

Our priority is continual monitoring of trends in the field of web design and using them as a source for the re-designing of your web. We can either devise a new design based on your requirements, or our talented creative team can develop something completely new.