What is it?

An E-shop is an online store where companies sell their products and services to customers regardless the place of purchase. It works as an interactive catalogue - separate items can be added to an electronic shopping cart and after having been paid for, they are sent to the address specified by the customer. This system works similarly in the case of providing services.

Why do I need it?

Plenty of entrepreneurs don’t find the circumstances of modern times convenient, as they require wide use of the Internet and service of online purchases as a matter of course. Normally, e-shops are considered destroyers of traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores, i.e., places, where goods can be examined and tested directly by customers.

In fact, an e-shop contributes a great deal to your business. The whole range of products is constantly available for customers to view or to buy, which means that a customer can buy even an item which you currently don’t have in stock. Interactivity and interconnectivity facilitate cross-selling, which is encouraging a customer to consider buying a related product or complementary service; this means, simply, drawing a customer’s attention in order to sell as much as possible.

Availability 24/7 enables an e-shop to sell goods even while you’re enjoying your time off and your offers can be made available to many more customers beyond your region.

Why Epix Technology?

Our experience together with our clients’ references provide evidence that if an e-shop is created by professionals and if it is continually developed and well-maintained, online sales are 10 times higher than sales from a retail store.

By means of various modern techniques and SEO tools we can optimize your e-shop; your products, then, can be easily seen in search engines- the most common route to e-shop websites.

Moreover, there are bonus tools at your disposal, which can help you establish a loyal group of clients. These activities include running loyalty programs, or asking customers for feedback when buying, and many others.