Domain Registration

What is it?

A domain is a name under which your website is accessible on the Internet. It consists of the name of your company, project, or community and a website ending. The ending can be chosen according to the state in which you operate (e.g., .sk for Slovakia, .hu for Hungary), but international endings are also available (e.g., .com,  .org, .net, .info, or .eu for Europe).

Why do I need it?

A domain name is one of the key elements of company’s identity. It belongs to the things your customers will remember and associate with your products and services. Properly chosen, a domain is your online representation and with primarily online projects it becomes your brand name.

Why Epix Technology?

Domain registration is a legal act. You can leave it to us; we will be happy to unburden you.  Since it is (along with web-hosting) the first step to your new website, e-shop, or portal, we will gladly take care of it to ensure your maximum comfort. We will prepare the documents and send them to SK-NIC, who are in charge of  the national registry in Slovakia.

A name of a domain should be apt and should express your web in its basics. It should also be memorable and well-readable for browsers. If you are unsure about the choice of a name for your domain, we will be happy to help.