Companys Identity

What is it?

The concept of company identity covers everything what creates image of a company. This includes a name, a logo and a slogan, the company’s own stamps, letterheads, complete web presentation, and graphic and textual materials.

Must-haves are:

  • a logo and company colours
  • business cards, stamps, letterheads
  • a slogan (memorable for customers)
  • a website with complete and rich content and great design
  • unified design for advertising campaigns
  • promotional products of your company

Why do I need it?

Ability to provide services in a professional way or produce quality products does not ensure your success on the market. Similarly the word “marketing” does not magically draw customers solely to one particular company and ensure loyalty, although in many cases marketing techniques have been proven effective. Rather  the core is a well-established company identity which clearly describes the company; the aims, what they stand for and the standards they strive towards.

Why Epix Technology?

A highly elaborated company identity developed by us will be positively received in your environment. It will suggest why to buy from you or choose your services over rival services.

Meet with us to discuss your ideas and your business intent. Following the information provided by you, we can prepare quality materials suitable for your business take-off.