Advertising Campaign

What is it?

Advertising campaigns are a means of making your website (and therefore your business) visible and have been proven effective over the years.Nevertheless, it is important to know that not every form is suitable for each web project. Opting for the right choice depends on many factors. The variety ranges:

1. PPC advertising – the most effective paid campaigns. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. That means you don’t pay for displaying an ad, but for people clicking on it. This approach is very popular, because it’s hard to ensure a website’s visibility even in the most lucrative place. But a direct click on it means, that you’ve already attracted a potential visitor. After clicking, everything depends on your web presentation, which is, at that point, well-prepared. The advantage of PPC advertising is a possibility of focusing on specific time, specific region, even on a specific target group of visitors. With PPC campaigns, your links are listed in the first five positions in search engines or in advertising boxes on portals containing articles with the key word searched. The most famous providers of PPC ads in Slovakia are Google (with Google Adwords) and Etarget with the partners (,,,,,,, and others).

2. Direct mailing – means sending advertising offers directly to the inboxes of your customers. The advantage of direct mailing is targeting specific people in a common way done on a daily basis. Sent emails are rich in content and graphics to address most  recipients.  In the email you can refer directly to your web or your products and services.

3. Banners – creating them belongs to so called small graphic works, because the images used are small in size. They are located in lucrative places, mainly on portals with high traffic.

Why do I need it?

Why does a company need advertising? There are always untargeted markets and potential customers who have never heard of your company. With a properly chosen advertising tool, money invested into the campaign will come back manifold. Why not then, move forward in your business?

Why Epix Technology?

We will provide a counseling service regarding advertising campaign selection and arrangements. Based on analysis of your activities we will select the most effective tools and prepare them in terms of graphic and technical aspect. You will concentrate only on matters of your professional interest- your products and services.